Created and performed in lockdown: Axons Dance Theatre + Joan Liu’s “Stalled”

Me, feeling stalled, in <Stalled>.

Happy World Ballet Day! While most stages and studios are still closed in New York City, Axons Dance Theatre has been back at it with some virtual quarantine inspired choreography. <Stalled>, the company’s first dance film and first piece featuring the entire company, plays on the physical and psychological effects of quarantine and dancing at home. As a dancer in this film I found it both challenging and exciting filming in my own space, and watching the finished product made me feel connected to my fellow company members, a sensation many artists have been sorely missing since March.

<Stalled> (watch out for the pun) was performed in a multitude of spaces, places, and styles and really gives a glimpse into each of our days in quarantine in addition to being a dance piece.

<Stalled> premieres Friday, October 30th at 8pm as part of 7MPR Themed Dance Theater-Third Midnight Virtual Halloween on Facebook Live. The livestream will be followed by a live discussion with the choreographers presenting in the show. We hope you’ll join!

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